Installing Corners or Bends


Light Tape® should curve around bends and never hard creased or forced into a corner. Creating a bend or hard fold will damage the conductive coatings, leading to lamp failure.

Light Tape® Inner Corner

Inner corner:

Gently form into a curve in corner with finger.

 Create a Curve: 

Form Light Tape® into a soft bend. Do not flatten to create hard bend.

Light Tape® Outer Corner

Outer Corner:

If mounted within reach of general public or high abuse areas, please use mounting channel or protective lens to protect corner from impact.


DO NOT bend Light Tape® around corners. Light Tape® is subject to expansion and contraction. Please reconnect per outdoor connection procedure. Hard bends create pinch points impeding movement, leading to delamination and moisture egress.

Bend Radius:

The bend radius recommended for a lateral curve is 30% of the length of the curve. Light Tape® is to lay flat on the surface for the entire run. See below left illustration.

The bend radius on a 180° curve should be no less than 1".


Each bend radius figure based on 2" Light Tape® test standard. The narrower the width,
the greater the potential bend.

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