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Are you the manufacturer of Light Tape?

Yes, we developed the technology and the manufacturing processes. Electro-LuminX has spent years refining the product offering via continuous improvement programs.

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Is Light Tape® made in the USA?

Yes! Delivering a world class, high quality product utilizing our cutting edge technology, make manufacturing Light Tape® in the USA a logical decision.

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Is the Light Tape® Patented?

Light Tape® is protected by United States Formulation and Process Patent numbers 5,491,377, 5,976,613, and 7,582,000, with other US and Worldwide Patents Pending. Electro-LuminX is committed to a rigid program of continuous research and development.

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What is Light Tape?

Light Tape® is the brightest, longest, biggest and most flexible electroluminescent lamp in the world! Available in a variety of color, widths and lengths.

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What is Electroluminescence?

Electroluminescence (EL) is the conversion of electrical energy into light by the activation of a phosphor layer by an alternating current. In other words, when the low electrical current passes though the phosphors, they become excited and vibrate producing light.

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How does Light Tape® work?

A layer of light emitting phosphor is sandwiched between two very thin flexible electrodes. One is opaque and the other is transparent to allow light to escape. When AC current (200 to 2000 Hz) is applied, the phosphors become excited and begin to rapidly charge and discharge, resulting in the emission of light.

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What are the advantages in using Light Tape® instead of incandescent lighting systems, light emitting diodes (LEDs) or fiber optics?

Light Tape® Lamps provide numerous advantages over incandescent lighting, LEDs and fiber optics:

  • Extremely easy to install
  • Generates very little or almost no heat
  • Consumes less power (up to 93% less power)
  • Thin and flexible, typical thickness of 0.020 in (0.5 mm)
  • No glass to break or gas to escape
  • Provides uniform lighting over a large area as long as 300 feet (91 m)
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Can be mounted conformably on curved surfaces
  • Can be designed to flash selectively or sequentially
  • Interior and exterior capable
  • No maintenance

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How much light do Light Tape® lamps generate?

Light Tape® light output is measured in a unit of measure called foot lamberts. Light Tape® has a light output of 10 to 120 foot lamberts. Generally backlighting signage needs 25 to 50 Foot Lamberts depending upon ambient lighting conditions. Highlights and lighting accents on buildings can be between 10 to 30 foot lamberts. Egress lighting only needs to be about 8-10 Foot Lamberts.

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How far away can you see Light Tape?

NASA did a study for the Air Force to determine Light Tape® could be utilized to identify runways and planes. Their planes were able to mark Light Tape® from distances over 5 miles. The Air Force uses EL today on their planes.

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Is it true that you can see Light Tape® through fog, smoke, snow, haze, etc...?

Yes, Light Tape® emits light at a specific wavelength. The light is able to penetrate through fog, smoke, snow, haze and other normally poor visibility conditions.

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Is Light Tape® similar to fiber optic lamps?

No, fiber optics illuminate from one light source at the end of the lamp. Light passes down the fibers to produce a glow. Light Tape® is illuminated by thousands of phosphor crystals over the entire surface area versus just one end.

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Why should a customer use Light Tape® compared to older EL technologies?

Light Tape® offers brighter, longer lasting, unique flexibility and mechanical ruggedness unmatched by any other EL technology. Light Tape® is available in long lengths and has a bend radius is 2mm, much less than competitive EL. It can be utilized indoor or outdoor. Light Tape® is unique because it is the only EL available with all the above attributes combined into one product.

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Light Tape® is protected by United States Patent numbers 5,491,377, 5,976,613, and 7,582,000, with other US and Worldwide Patents Pending.

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