Award winning innovation company Electro-LuminX Lighting Corporation, has spent nearly 20 years developing and refining their exciting patent protected Light Tape® electroluminescent lighting technology, together with their industry defining Smart Driver™ power ballast systems.

In 2004, Steve Pendlebury, formerly a Global Business Leader with Fortune 500 giant Honeywell International Inc, joined the organization as Company President, to spearhead business growth through Light Tape® product re-design, portfolio expansion and to build a dynamic World Class team.

Since then, every aspect of the product family has been improved, transforming Light Tape® into what it is today, a fast growing Global Brand and the industry World leader in the electroluminescent technology field.

Following significant investment and in the spirit of continuous improvement, in 2008 the company released Light Tape® Extreme Series™ formulation, doubling product lifetime versus the original Classic Series materials. Other accessories such as our custom electrical connections, exterior polycarbonate mounting systems and intricate shape creation capability, have all been developed in-situ and specifically for Light Tape®.

Emergency egress step systems, aluminum mounting profiles and other architectural, decorative and technical original equipment (OEM) products are under development and are planned for launch in 2011.

Light Tape®'s unique electroluminescent constructions, as well as our innovative manufacturing processes, are protected by multiple patents with several other patents pending. In addition, the Smart Driver™ Power Ballast Systems contain proprietary patent pending technology.

Our Global customer base now includes World leading high technology manufacturing organizations and designers that recognize the robust characteristics of our Light Tape® product range and these customers are gaining benefits of ultra low power consumption and C02 emissions, zero light pollution, zero heat problems, long lamp life with zero maintenance, low installation costs, a new design freedom and customer service that they demand and deserve.

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