Light Tape® Installation Guidelines

Installing Light Tape® is fairly simple. To get started, just follow a few easy steps.

  1. Determine number of connections or segments of Light Tape® per lighting design. (Consult chart for maximum length per one connection)
  2. Assess power availability and source voltage (AC or DC).
  3. Mount per E-LLC recommended guidelines. Always protect Light Tape® from tampering when accessible to the general public.


  • In this installation, we would begin by using two Smart Driver™ power supplies to balance the load (blue boxes noted with Smart Driver™ logo).
  • Each Smart Driver™ would illuminate two Light Tape® segments.
  • Tip: We recommend when operating multiple segments off one Smart Driver™ that the shortest segment is 50% of the minimum rated load of the Smart Driver™.
  • For instance, the SD-4000 recommended operating range is 2000 to 4000 square inches. Therefore, the 50% threshold for the shortest segment would be 1000 square inches OR 2000 in² x 0.50 = 1,000 square inches
  • Prolonged use with an unbalanced load may result in failure at connection due to uneven power.











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