Light Tape® Mounting Guidelines

It is important to consider your environment when installing Light Tape®. For example, it may be important to specify an outdoor barrier encapsulation for an indoor application.

A few quick rules:

  • All outdoor installations must be in a mounting channel or approved system that allows Light Tape® to "float" due to changes in the weather.
  • Electrical connections should be in a junction box and wiring in conduit.
  • Do not bend or kink Light Tape® outdoors, straight runs only.
  • When installed within public reach, it is recommended a protective lens cover Light Tape® to prevent tampering and abuse.
  • Do not use aggressive contracting adhesives to mount the Light Tape® lamp. Please see our suggested Mounting Adhesives and Protective Sealants
  • Floors, wet locations, or high humidity areas require exterior barrier encapsulation.


Noise Dampening

If Light Tape® is not secured or held in place, such as loose on a table, it will vibrate, producing a slight hum generally only audible in very quiet environments. We recommend firmly attaching the product, covering with a lens or utilizing a backing material buffer to significantly reduce the emitted noise.

Remote Power Supply Installation

Occasionally the power supply must be located far from the lamps. In this case, shielded conduit may be required to protect against high frequency and high voltage.

  • NEMA enclosure is required to store power supply when located outdoors. They are constructed of polycarbonate that is highly resistant to heat and nature's elements. These enclosures can be found at
  • 50 foot connection radius - it is possible to install the Light Tape® up to 50 feet from the Smart Driver™ power source. Multiple connections are possible from one central location.

  • Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) conduit is required to shield the high voltage and high frequency AC signals for remote installations. All wiring should be within a conduit and 600 volt rated.
  • Always follow all local electrical codes and wear proper PPE.








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