There are so many applications for Light Tape, sometimes it is hard to focus. We have compiled a few marketing downloads for your convenience.

General Overview

Take a look at a few of our marketing brochures and flyers. After you read the flyer, peruse our applications shots to get a better idea of Light Tape's capability.

Light Tape® 2011 Flyer
Introducing the greatest improvement on the light bulb since Mr. Edison's original. Imagine a light bulb in any color that you can bend around any surface, run continuously for hundreds of feet, costs a fraction of what traditional bulbs or other lighting systems cost to operate, and requires absolutely no maintenance. That's Light Tape®!
Light Tape® Brochure (Spanish)
Light Tape® es la más versátil y la lámpara electroluminiscente más eficiente en el mundo. Light Tape® es una combinación de la tecnología patentada de Electro-LuminX Lighting Corporation y de los mejores materiales disponibles.

Light Tape® Brochure (South Africa)

Light Tape® Brochure (Greece)
H LightTape® χρησιμοποιεί την τεχνολογία Electroluminescence (EL). Αναλυτικά, ο φώσφορός βρίσκεται ανάμεσα σε δύο αγώγιμες πλάκες, όταν εναλλασόμενο ρεύμα διαπερνάει αυτές και έρχεται σε επαφή με τον φώσφορο τότε τα ηλεκτρόνια διεγείρονται και απελευθερώνουν την ενέργεια τους σαν φωτόνια, δίνοντας τον μοναδικό αυτό φωτισμό, του οποίου η ένταση μετριέται σε λαμπρότητα με μονάδα μέτρησης τα candelas.
Light Tape® Flyer (Italy)
Light Tape® è la più sottile, la più intensa, la più luminosa, la più lunga, la più duratura e flessibile lampada elettroluminescente al mondo.

Light Tape® (Bulgaria)


Light Tape® Application Updates

Keep up to date with our never ending product developments. We are working hard to keep our Light Tape® product line on the cutting edge and maintain our leadership position in electroluminescent technology.

Light Tape® Application of the Month: Jefferson Bar
Light Tape® is part of the solution, to create an elegantly backlit bar, at the Jefferson Hotel Quill Bar.
Light Tape® Application of the Month: U Glass
More and more architects and designers worldwide are turning to energy efficient and low maintenance materials. In many cases, Light Tape® is being incorporated into their designs to accentuate the natural and recycled materials they have selected.
Light Tape® Duracell January 2010 Newsletter
Light Tape® in action during the 2009 New Year's Eve festivities in New York City's Times Square.
Announcing Snap-N-Light™
It takes only minutes to install Light Tape® when utilizing our Snap-N-Light™ system. Try that with Neon or LEDs.
Light Tape® Bar and Club Lighting Newsletter
Light Tape® is the most versatile and energy efficient lamp in the world. Click to view some of its many uses in bars and clubs.
DC Power Supply Newsletter
Light Tape® introduces a Lighting Ballast engineered to be as portable as the change in your pocket!
Light Tape® Egress Promo
Why Light Tape® is the logical choice when it comes to Egress Lighting...
Extreme Series E-Letter
Add an extended lifetime of 40,000 hours to Light Tape®, and you have our Extreme Series™. - 2008
We've Moved!! Newsletter
We have relocated and expanded into a new manufacturing facility and customer service call center. - 2006

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