Mounting Adhesives and Sealants

We have a range of products that we recommend for mounting and protecting your Light Tape® to ensure the longevity of the lamp.

Protective Sealants

Light Tape® Edge Guard™: A clear barrier tape used to prevent moisture from damaging Light Tape® when cut.

3M DP-100+ Epoxy:

A two part epoxy system used in Light Tape® Exterior Connections.

Light Tape® Shrink Tube:

A heat-forming tube used in conjunction with our outdoor mounting system to form a moisture barrier and secure connector to channel.

Indoor Mounting Adhesives

Light Tape® VibraMount™:

Designed for large panel interior installations to secure Light Tape® to almost any surface while eliminating vibration, VibraMount™ is a double sided adhesive, black foam tape. It is 31.5 mil (1/32" /0.8 mm) double coated black polyethylene. Also, it provides impact resistance on uneven surfaces.

Light Tape® DuraShield™:

Perfect for mounting Light Tape® to smooth surfaces, such as windows, floors, painted surfaces, etc. Dura-Shield™ is a clear, non-yellowing, removable urethane film overlay that leaves no residue when removed. It is designed to provide a protective, puncture resistant shield to reduce abrasion while maintaining the low profile. It is available in 6 mil for average in-door applications, and 12 mil for high instance area installations.

3M VHB Tape:

Ideal for mounting Light Tape® or Light Tape® Mounting Channel System to smooth surfaces. VHB, or Very High Bond, is a white foamed acrylic core that is coated on both sides with high performance acrylic adhesives. It has excellent weathering properties and has exceptional dynamic shear properties at hot and cold temperatures. VHB is also shock, vibration, and noise dampening.

Other adhesives:

Since Light Tape® weighs only 1/4 pound per square foot, aggressive adhesives are never necessary for installation. Velcro or various adhesive foam tapes work for many indoor applications. However, DO NOT use silicone, Liquid Nails, or other non-approved adhesives. For example, silicone may seem like a viable option as it cures with water, but it reacts negatively with Light Tape®'s barrier encapsulation causing delamination and lamp failure.




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