Outdoor Mounting Systems

  • Our patented technology protects SYLVANIA®’s encapsulated phosphors from moisture and sunlight.
  • Light Tape® is laminated in Aclar®, the highest moisture barrier laminate in the world and made by Honeywell International, for the final layer of protection.
  • 40% less energy consumption than LEDs.
  • Continuous light up to 300 feet per connection.
  • Weighs less than 1/4 pound per square foot.
  • Extremely visible through smoke, fog, haze, or snow.
  • Made of non-flammable and impact resistant materials


Mounting Channel Installation

Our engineered mounting channels are designed to protect Light Tape® from tampering and the outdoor environment. Constructed from high grade polycarbonate, they have tremendous impact resistance and weatherability. The snap-in mounting clips hold the mounting channel, and can be attached to almost any surface.

In order for our system to work for years, it is important that Light Tape® is mounted properly. All outdoor installtions MUST be mounted into one of our mounting channels to allow the Light Tape® to expand and contract. Any Light Tape® used in outdoor installations without mounting channels will void warranty.

  • DO NOT bend Light Tape® around corners when OUTSIDE. Pinch points can cause delamination. Soft turns are possible depending on climate.
  • All segments should be sealed per Electro-LuminX’s procedure. We recommend factory seals for installations especially if poor drainage conditions exist.

Follow the below step-by-step outdoor mounting instructions to ensure that Light Tape® is installed properly:

1. Clean the surface and mark a chalk line using a level. Mount clips on 6-18" centers, depending on surface, with number 10 screws. Mount with the first clip 1" from the connector end of the extrusion. If mounting indoors on smooth surfaces, mount Ultra-Bond™ adhesive foam tape along the level line instead of clips.

DO NOT mount extrusion with silicone, Liquid Nails, or any non-approved adhesives which may come in contact with the Light Tape®.

2. Drill weep holes on long runs of extrusion to allow for drainage. DO NOT fill open ends of the extrusion with silicone. If mounting with an adhesive do not block bottom gap.

3. Slip Light Tape® into the Mounting Channel in from end or from the bottom and allow to drop in place. Make sure the slot in the channel is facing the structure and / or in the opposite direction of the light emitting side of the lamp!

A. Utilizing the Bottom Slot

  • Slide the Light Tape® upwards to the top of the channel.
  • After clearing the lip, allow for Light Tape® to rest in the channel. Do not force over the lip.

B. Feed Light Tape® From End of Extrusion

  • Ensure end of the extrusion is smooth.
  • Tape Light Tape® to guide stick, it may be necessary to lubricate to ease entry.
  • Slide down track slowly while feeding Light Tape®.
  • Utilize wheel or core to allow Light Tape® to spin freely.


4. Make sure you have a few inches for your connection once inside extrusion. We also recommend leaving about a 1/2" between connector and extrusion.

5. Take a 1/2" wide gasket material and wrap it around the Light Tape® lamp between the connector cap and extrusion.

6. Starting with the end of the wire, slide the shrink tube over the entire length of the wire and connector. Be sure that the shrink tube is lined up with the second to last ridge of the strain relief, and is completely covering the connector, butyl gasket strip, and end of the extrusion (1/2" or more). Then, apply heat with a heat gun until a seal is formed around the extrusion and strain relief. Be careful not to overheat Light Tape®.

7. Place connection in junction box and always follow local electrical codes.

8. Starting with the connected end, snap the Mounting Channel into the clips (slot on bottom rear). Be careful not to bend or kink the Light Tape® when snapping into place. Be sure that bottom rear slit AND end of extrusion both are not covered or sealed, especially when using UltraBond™ to mount. This allows for proper air flow and drainage.

*See demonstration video online for help if necessary. Please follow local electrical codes when making electrical connections and always use the Light Tape® Outdoor Connection Kit.*

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