Light Tape® Panel Installation - Indoor

It is important to remember a few things when installing large Light Tape® panels:

  • Do not kink or hard fold the Light Tape® panel. Curves are OK but hard folds can damage the conductive coatings.
  • Firmly mount the panels by applying pressure on both sides. This will eliminate any vibration and eliminate noise.
  • Plan ahead. If you are mounting indoors with an adhesive, you only get one chance!

  1. Clean surface with isopropyl alcohol. Surface should be smooth.
  2. Determine where you will make the electrical connection. It is important to consider the connector and cap. The conductive electrodes can be guided behind the Light Tape® panel. We recommend all electrical connections are made in a junction box.
  3. Mounting surface can vary depending on installation. If possible, mount in a manner that allows panel to be changed in years to come. It is a light bulb that must eventually be changed.
    Tip: Mounting to removable sheet rock panel works well with VibraMount™.
  4. Adhesive Mounting: We recommend using our VibraMount™ adhesive as a backing when indoors. Place adhesive on wall, trim to size if needed, and remove liner.

    Tip: Light Tape® only weighs 1/4 pound per square foot. Mount to hold in place but do not get too aggressive as some adhesives will attack lamp.

  5. Hide connector: The conductive electrodes are basically flat wires. Be careful not to rip the surrounding lamination. However, lamination may be trimmed to form a tail.

    Conductive electrodes tail and connector tail are fed through wall and connection should be made in appropriate junction box.

    Cut an access point if mounting surface is not removable.

    Connector lead - feed through slot cut in wall. Be careful not to kink or fold conductive tabs.

  6. Applying Light Tape®: Take your time. Once Light Tape® has been applied, pulling it off of the surface will damage the lamp. For larger panels, it is easier to unroll the Light Tape® into place.

Unrolling the Light Tape® method

Begin with connector end. Make sure the leading edge is square. Then slowly unroll the Light Tape®, in this case left to right.

Flip Into Place

Line up bottom edge and lift panel into place. You may need two people to ensure Light Tape® goes on evenly without waves or ripples.

When bending conductive electrodes to hide connector tail behind lamp, place a strip of VibraMount™ adhesive foam or other compressible material at the bend to prevent hard creasing.

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