Announcing Snap-N-Light™

Accent lighting made simple!

Light Tape® arrives in a coil, connected and ready to mount. It takes only minutes to install Light Tape® when utilizing our Snap-N-Light™ system. Try that with Neon or LEDs.

Pop a chalk line, install the polycarbonate mounting clips and snap the Light Tape® system in place!

A sleek and elegant lighting solution made even easier.

  • Unbelievably energy efficient.
    At less than 1 watt per meter, you can almost power it with static electricity.
  • Only one connection required.
    Light Tape® is IP68 rated and arrives connected in a coil and ready to install.
  • Uniform lighting over hundreds of feet.
    Available in multiple colors, and easily contoured around curved surfaces.
  • Support Dark Skies, eliminate sky glow.
    Light Tape® can be seen for miles without over illumination. Accent your venue, not the sky.
  • Virtually no maintenance involved.
    Plug it in, set a timer and let it go. Check back every once in a while to ensure mounting channel is draining properly.
  • Multiple options to suit your needs.
    1/4", 1/2", 1" and 2" mounting channels available, delivered to specific length, width and color, ready to snap in place.

2" Extreme Caribbean Blue was used to top the Pompey Centre in Portsmouth, UK.

Design Considerations

  • Please account for the connection area and non-illuminated section when specifying length.
  • Determine which side the connection should be made, left or right?
  • Extrusion should always have opening at the bottom to allow for drainage.
  • For vertical installations, we recommend connecting at the top.
  • Not recommended to bend around corner as you may create a pinch point.


Installing Snap-N-Light

1. Clean the surface and mark a chalk line using a level along which the Light Tape® is to run. Mount clips on 12-36" centers, depending on surface, with number 10 screws (closer for hurricane zones).

2. Mount with the first clip 1" from the connector end of the extrusion. Connector should be placed inside approved junction box.

3. Starting with the power supply end, snap the Mounting Channel into the clips (slot on bottom rear). Be careful not to bend or kink the Light Tape® when snapping into place. Be sure that bottom rear slit AND end of extrusion both are not covered or sealed, especially when using UltraBond™ to mount. This allows for proper air flow and drainage.

*See demonstration video online for help if necessary. Please follow local electrical codes when making electrical connections and always use the Light Tape® Outdoor Connection Kit.*

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